60 Minute Kids Club 2013/14 Recap

Through our shared efforts, the 60MKC 2013-14 year was a smash hit. Our momentum carried us into more schools and now nearly every province and territory across the country. That momentum was strong enough that we’ve even made it across the Atlantic to the island country of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, and have been receiving expressions of interest from other countries around the world. The Movement for Movement that you are a founding part of is getting noticed, and it’s growing. Its impact has been bolstered by injections of horsepower from our Olympic Athlete Champions; it has expanded exponentially with collaborative connections with our partners – all those who, like you, envision future generations of healthy, active kids. Please read more about the successes of the past year in our 2013-2014 Year End Report, stay in touch, and get ready for another exciting year for movement – our collective energies are taking us places, and making a concrete, measurable difference to kids’ health. Now. And for the Future.



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