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Encouraging children and youth to be physically active and make healthy food choices continues to be a struggle for many families. A variety of social contextual factors have resulted in an obesogenic environment that makes it challenging for children to make healthy choices.

The 60 Minute Kids Club (60MKC) provides two free “tools that support delivering and tracking healthy behaviours, and fundamental movement skills, to students 5-12 years old” (60 Minute Kids Club, n.d.). It is focused on getting more children active, reducing screen time, and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables. Further, it provides a tool to support their ability to track these healthy habits. The other tool is a Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) assessment tool that is designed for leaders to assess children’s physical literacy in order to determine what specific areas they should focus upon with them.

Currently, the 60MKC is working with EXCEL in the Halifax Regional School Board to implement healthy habits challenges and use the FMS tool.

To assess the user experience with the 60MKC at EXCEL sites, there will be three different types of schools or sites sampled: those who have had high usage, those with medium, and those who have had little to none. In each of these three groups, an assessment will be conducted of the school environment and either individual or group interviews will be conducted with the program supervisor and/or leaders.

As well, individual or group interviews (depending on availability and interest of staff) will be conducted at each of the three types (high, medium, and low) to explore the personal experience of implementing the healthy habits challenges at the school as well as using the FMS tools to assess physical literacy. Interviews will be approximately one hour in length and will explore from the personal experience of the leaders what is working well and what areas could be improved to ensure it is as easy as possible to use and implement. Each group/individual interview will include 5-8 participants from each of the three types for a total of 15-24.

Encouraging children to be more active and make healthy eating choices is critical given what has been referred to as the obesity epidemic we are currently facing. Schools and, in particular, the after-school environment are one ideal location to focus upon healthy choices. The 60MKC has different tools that may assist in supporting healthy choices, however, an evaluation is needed of how user friendly they are for program leaders. It is the goal of this project to obtain feedback on both the school environment and the key factors that might support better implementation of 60MKC in order to assist both 60MKC in adoption of the tools in other sites as well as EXCEL in their current usage of them.



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