site-logoNew Fit Tips provided by Kelty Mental Health (KMH)! We will be working together with KMH  to support mental health initiatives in schools and beyond. Our goal will be to increase our reach and availability of the mental health resources available to coaches, recreational leaders, parents, ECE workers, etc.


image001The 60 Minute Kids’ Club is happy to be working together with Canada’s National Ballet School Sharing Dance program in providing teachers, parents, and kids with a suite of interactive Fit Tip videos! We look forward to hearing your feedback on using these great resources and encourage you to share it on our Facebook page and/or Tweet about it.

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imageFree the Numbum Project (FTNP) is a FREE web-based resource that offers a collection of 3-5 minute videos that encourage moderate to vigorous physical activity. These videos were developed with the 21st century learner in mind and work to take students on an engaging and interactive DPA journey. FTNP increase student participation in physical activity through interactive and innovative digital media content focused not only on movement but also on adventure, spontaneity, humour and fun. Click here for video instructions