How to Be Active on a Rainy Day

It’s Sunday, the sky is grey and rain is pit-pattering the windowsills. The kids are restless. They bounce from one couch to the next with the television volume turned way up. They need exercise but how can you get them active if they can’t go outside? Below are seven fun and creative ways to get kids the sixty minutes of activity they need every day, even if it’s raining!

  1. 90’s Exercise Workout

Step 1- Dig out old dance costumes or search the back of your closet for some awesome 90’s outfits.

Step 2- Do some wacky hairstyles.

Step 3- Find a YouTube video of your old favourite 90’s workout.

Step 4- Push aside the couches and have fun!


  1. House Olympics

Step 1- Have your kid(s) pick a country to represent.

Step 2- Get them cut out and design medals.

Step 3- Pick a number of events for them to compete in. You will be the judge so that to make sure everyone wins at least once! They could easily do high jump in doors, or by using masking tape to make a straight line they could compete in a balance beam competition. Other ideas would be crab walk races down the hallway, hula-hoop bean bag tosses, or even create an obstacle course for them to go through.

Step 4- Present the medals.


  1. Video Dance Party

Step 1- Let the kids create a playlist of songs they want to dance to.

Step 2- Plug your computer into the HDMI cable so that the video of each song can be displayed on the television.

Step 3- Turn the volume up and dance!

*To make this more creative you could have each child come up with their own dance to a song, give them time to practice, then have a dance showcase at the end of the day.


  1. Weightlifting Competition

Step 1- Collect items of varying weights. Such as a shampoo bottle, a paint can, a basket of laundry, etc.

Step 2- Start the kids with the lowest weighted item and if they can lift it continue to the next one, until there is a winner (the child who lifts the most amount of objects).

  1. Young Yoga Masters

Step 1- Have the kids dress in appropriate clothing.

Step 2- Create the ambiance: light some candles around the room, shut the blinds, put on some calming music, and roll out the yoga mats (if you have them).

Step 3- Have them follow your lead as you teach them some basic yoga moves like downward dog, tree, and warrior.

Step 4- Get them to come up with some stretches or moves that you can then follow.


  1. Bowling

Step 1- Find the longest hallway in your house. Clear the surrounding area of all things valuable.

Step 2- Fill up old water bottles about ¼ with water. If you are using plastic bottles the kids can decorate them ahead of time.

Step 3- Use a smaller ball for older children (like a tennis ball) and a bigger ball for younger children (like a volleyball) instead of bowling balls. Set up the water bottles like pins at one end of the hallway.

Step 4- Bowl!


  1. Next Level Scavenger Hunt

Step 1- Create a list of items that can be found in your house. Make sure the items are reasonably hard to find if you want to make this last a while. Create a second list with a number of different types of movements that could be used to get from one place to another. For example, hopping on one foot, crab walking, bunny hops, and penguin marches.

Step 2- Disclose one item at a time, while instructing them to find the item using only one of the movements specified. For instance, you would instruct them to find a blue sock by crab walking the entire time. This makes it more challenging and fun. Every time they return with an item you tell them the next one they must hunt for and how they are allowed to move.



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