Incorporating Choice into Physical Education Classes

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Allowing students to make choices about games and activities can be effective in maintaining their interest and improving their participation in different forms of physical activity. It can also improve, encourage, self-empowerment and instil confidence.

Methods of incorporating choice:

  1. Circuits: having circuits with different activities can allow for students to not only try a variety of activities but also choose what activities they may feel more comfortable with.
  2. Choice of equipment and activity: a gym class can be set up in a way that different equipment is laid out (e.g., basketballs, volleyball nets, tennis balls, etc). This will allow the students to choose the activity they want and it will ensure participation.
  3. Variety of equipment: if the class is playing a game such as dodgeball, it is important to include different sizes of balls to allow students to choose the size they are comfortable with depending on grip.
  4. Location: the class can vote and decide if they want to have the gym class inside or outside.
  5. Non-structured: it is important to show students different types of physical activity not just in a gym class (e.g., take a nature walk with the class)



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