Jared Revel

We are thrilled to introduce our newest 60MKC Athlete Champion – Brazilian JiuJitsu black belt and Professional Mixed Martial Artist, Jared Revel. Joining our roster of motivational 60MKC Athlete Champions, Jared has come on board to help inspire the next generation to find their passion, overcome adversity, and learn from every road they take in life. You can check out his inspirational video about staying healthy and active here.

Hailing from Carman, Manitoba, Jared grew up playing sports of all sorts and always had aspirations of staying active. From childhood into adulthood, Jared struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle and had to fight back against the negative influences in his life to regain control of his future. Finding martial arts reignited his passion for health and Jared set goals to reach the highest levels. Some of Jared’s most notable martial arts accomplishments include winning medals and titles in Boxing, Brazilian JiuJitsu and Mixed Martial Arts at local, Provincial, National and International competitions.

While still actively competing, Jared continually gives back as a martial arts instructor and operates a local gym in Langley, B.C where he teaches classes that range from self defense to competitive training for people of all ages. When asked about his teaching style, Jared says “Our curriculum is based on developing a movement vocabulary in the kids by building their competence and confidence, giving them motivation to participate in all kinds of physical activities. We give everyone a fun and safe environment to challenge themselves and have them both succeed and fail. We are built on the notion you either win or you learn. Our vision is to impact our community in a positive way by positively impacting the largest portion of our community, the children.”
When speaking to kids at school visits, Jared shares his stories of setbacks and successes to show that “in life, you either win, or you learn.” To help introduce Jared to our readers, he answered our top 5 burning questions:

In your new role as a 60 Minute Kids Club Athlete Ambassador, what would you like to do to inspire the next generation?

I would like to share my experiences of both success and failure. How I learned from my mistakes. Lead by example and show that a healthy and active Lifestyle is both fun and rewarding. Show that it was a piece of the foundation that helped turn my life around.

What does your message ‘You either win or you learn’ mean to you?

In life you will have many moments of triumph and failure. It is understanding why and what made your accomplishments and failures happen, where true growth lies. Don’t get me wrong, I hate to lose. I use those failures to teach me. It gives me an opportunity to set new goals and see what we are made of. Be obsessed with improvement.
What would you say to a child wanting to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle?

Find things you generally enjoy (activities and foods). In all categories start with small goals until they become a habit in your daily routines. Then once you are doing them daily you can set larger goals and continue to reach your maximum potential. For example, if you are new to activity, start with something as small as 10 minutes everyday and make it a daily routine. Build on that and work up to at least 60 minutes everyday.

When you visit schools, what do you want the kids to take away from your sessions?

You have a choice. Be willing to learn from your failures and constantly improve. Being Active and Healthy is a foundation for us to live a long and happy life.

Some adults are not as competent or confident when it comes to being active, but still want to be good role models for kids. Can you share some tips to help them channel their inner champion?

  • Start small and get active together – walking, hiking, biking, playing catch, etc
  • Find activities they enjoy and take part
  • Be willing to learn with them (it’s never too late to learn something new)
  • Take part in opportunities for both of you to get active while having fun
  • Lots of free online resources for active tips!

Keep an eye on our updates to see Jared in action with the 60 Minute Kids’ Club. Jared will be visiting schools participating in the Healthy Habits Challenge to tell them his story, motivate them to set and reach their goals and may even let them try on a real championship belt!



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