Post-Secondary Physical Literacy Engagement Projects

Since our inception some six years ago, 60MKC has been working at elementary schools around the country to help inspire kids towards healthy and active living. Taking this approach one step further, we are now looking upstream to help support kids in a whole new way. A successful grant application in 2015 is allowing us to examine the Healthy Habits tracker and Fundamental Movement Skills tools from the teacher perspective in a whole new way. We have teamed up with the University of British Columbia and Dalhousie University to investigate how our tools are having an impact on the teachers that use them and how we can continue to improve in the future. This program evaluation work will take place during the Spring challenge using surveys and focus groups. This evaluation will provide valuable insight into how we can better support teachers at those elementary schools to continue establishing a foundation for healthy habits and active lifestyles in their classrooms.

The work we are doing at the post-secondary level doesn’t stop there. As curriculums around the country are shifting and expanding to involve a more intentional focus on physical literacy, we have also engaged in work at the teacher education level to help support up and coming teachers before they graduate. Similar to the groundbreaking work being done for Mental Health Literacy at UBC, we are proposing that physical literacy experts provide workshops and training to elementary and middle years teacher candidates. This training will equip students with the resources related to all areas of physical literacy and fundamental movement skills while linking with curriculum outcomes. Opportunities to gain valuable certifications in physical literacy training in the near future through this coursework will enhance their education and abilities as practitioners in their future work.

Using the Mental Health Literacy model at UBC or the Physical Literacy Major at Mt. Royal University as precedent, we aim to follow a similar model of multi-sector collaboration for the physical literacy domain. To address the responsibilities we all play in the health of our youngest generations, our post-secondary institutions hold a most valuable resource to provide a preventative response towards improving the statistics on childhood inactivity and chronic health disease. The teacher candidates will be the vehicles from which their students set off on their own physical literacy journeys and embark on a life that is rich in social, emotional, physical, and mental health.

To join the action forwards, please join us for a webinar that will explore the opportunities – both current and future – to engage your institution in this conversation. Contact Elisa to register. If you cannot attend on these dates, contact Elisa for more options.

  • Date (two offerings): April 12th or May 17th
  • Time: 10-11am PDT
  • Register/more information: Email: or phone 604-537-5161



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