Your Child In Sport – Resource for Parents

This video was created to help Parent’s understand what is required in selecting a suitable coach for their child. Sports participation can promote a healthy child development but both the coach and parent need to ensure they play roles to assist in the development.

The East Scarborough Multi-Sport Collaborative has produced an animated educational short video entitled “Your Child in Sport”. This six-minute video focuses on the five healthy child development principles of High Five: that the coach is a caring adult, and that the child has the opportunity to make friends, to play, to master skills, and to participate. The video also looks at the role that parents can play in supporting their child in sport.

The video, officially launched on March 25, 2015 at the Parks and Recreation Ontario annual conference, took four months to produce and was animated by a fourth-year student at Oakville’s Sheridan College. Emina Secerbegovic from the High Five office at Parks and Recreation Ontario and Jeff Carmichael of the Toronto Sports Council, who is also a CS4L Ambassador with the Ontario Network and graduate of the CS4L Leaders School, developed the script and managed the production.



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